Survive the Desert Island with a Mario character for a year


Celebi, the Time Traveller.
So, you are going to be exiled to a desert island for a year. You need to choose:
1 Mario character
1 Video Game
1 source of food (ex. ONLY potatoes, bubblegum, etc.)
1 source of drinkable liquid (ex. ONLY water, cranberry juice, etc.)
Now, who would you choose? i would choose:
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Potato Waffles ;D XD

Have fun!
Naughty naughty.
*note to self:ban means of transport*
Are we allowed to eat the Mario characters along with our one food? Because I like alligator, and King K. Rool has a lot of meat...
Yoshi (duh)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
1. Toad (I'm sure he would be very resourceful with items at these times)
2. Super Smash Bros. Melee
3. Bread (quite satisfying)
4. Water
Baby Luigi
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I could try beating All Star with all characters while I am at it.)
Something high in calories so I can only eat it once a day
Coke because of its complex flavor that is hard to get tired of
Lakitu, because he could fly and signal for help if we needed it.
Brawl, because that game is never done.
Apples (Fuji), because they taste great and are good for me.
Just some simple pure water would be fine.
1. Monty Mole, to dig an underground burrow to get shade in.

2. Super Mario World

3. Pepperoni pizza-simple enough

4. Mexican Coca-Cola
Mario Super Sluggers
Chicken Nuggets
Chocolate Milk
Superman 64 (as Firewood or whatever)
Fried Chicken :)P)
Coke (Why not?)