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After thinking alot about it, I've finnaly desided to make a fan-fiction called Dimentions. This is my first story and I'm totally not sure what the reaction will be. I'm not going to bore you to death with the details and I'm going to tell you the plot.

Porplemontage has informed the Mariowiki community about a portal to another dimention of Mariowiki has opened. He's asking users if they want to bravley enter the portal to this dimention. Many users are hesitant, they don't want to go in and never return . But the three main hereos desided that they want to go in. When the see the other dimention, it reeks of distress. Trolls go in and out destoying the peace of the other Mariowiki. The only way to save it is to collect the five Java Cyrstals to save the wiki.

Sign ups:

Main Heros:
2. New Super Mario

Major Villans

Minor Villans
As many as you want

Minor heros
As Many as you want
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Edit:Well the Java crystals are kinda the same but each villain is a guardian of a crystal. And when you enter real life, it was an accident, not on purpose. In this story the portal just appears. There is way more stuff I have in mind for this story, but I kinda don't want to spoil it

Another Edit: The Java crystals are also to save the other mariowiki, not to get back to their home dimention
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Added you. Also, the Prologe is coming out When I have all the Main and minor heros
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I'll be a major hero, please. :)
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I am a confused kid. Mollymoon asked to be a major hero too. I kinda don't know what to do
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You know what, I probably going to be mean to some people, but I decided to have Supremo be a Major Hero. He was a friend to me for a long time, and I'm going to do some art and Mollymoon and Pokemonmaster, you guys kinda don't have UP acounts so i really con't make some user art for you guys. But you guys will still appear in the story as Minor Heros. Sorry if you feel bad :(. Anyway, nabber, do you have any user art?
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I'll sign up as a minior hero.

Also, I hope you realize that "Dimensions" is spelt wrong.
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By the way, I just requested some user art and more sprites. I'll notify you when I get them.

Also, I'm going to edit your Dimensions UP page. It has some typos.
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Okay, made a few edits, the page looks good now.
Do you want me to make a category for the people appearing in it?