Mario or Luigi

I like them both equally. Of course, Toad PWNS both of them. :D
Because Luigi's mansion was horrible and mario's games are great. Until Luigi can prove himself to be a great platformer, no deal.
FTR? And I agree. But then, I'll play anything.
:shock: - I make you depressed?

:D - Were total opposites!

:? - yet I make you eternally depressed

:cry: - I'm Hungary

:!: - lets get back on topic


Yes we are.

And you're not the only reason.

I'm Vietnamese.

:arrow: Yes, let's.

I like Luigi, but I don't like his new, quirky personality.
Actually, his "quirky" personality is what makes him different from the other characers. Without it, he'd be as much a filler character than Waluigi.
Wasn't Luigi kinda housewifeish (if thats a word) in Paper Mario?
Yes, he stayed at the bros. house during the entire game, either writing in his journal or cleaning.
Ha yeah that was funny! In the second PM, he goes on adventures making him silly rather than a coward.