Associate From the Last Letter


Celestial Guide
There are too many easy games, so it's time for a combination of Word Association and Name Game. In this game you have to find a word that starts with the previous word's last letter AND it MUST be related. Example:
Late (Owls are up late)
Early (Opposite of late)
YoungAs seen above, you can list your reason if you want. You don't have to but it's recommended if it's hard to compare the two. The word can be associated as loosely as you want, as long as there's some similarity. However, it MUST start with the same letter that the previous one ended with. I'll start:Ocean


Celestial Guide
Loner (thinking of the Narwhal from Futurama)


Da f***, Rosalina?
Yzma (the villain from "The Emperor's New Groove")