Fractured ribcage?


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Anyone here ever fracture their ribcage?

I was climbing a tree during a vacation this summer and fell out and really hurt my ribs, had everything but it was okay, was really close to being broke though.


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Well, I never wore a cast before (which meant I never broke a single bone), let alone broken ribcage


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I haven't broken any bones either but I've had stitches twice for head wounds (one near my lip and one on my head, latter was staples)


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I think I had stitches when I was little, but I don't remember

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I've never broken any bones, or fractured anything.

That I know of, at least.


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Toad85 said:
I had two root canals and stitches in my chin , but that's it.
Which reminds me, I've had one root canal.

And two wisdom teeth removed (bottom two) where they had to break my jaw to get them out (two visits.)

So I guess I technically broke my jaw twice, in two separate places.

Or you could say I paid to have my jaw broken. I heard a lot about that dentist being a butcher but I had enough pain killers to bear through (hated being awake and smelling tooth/bone shards though)


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I've broken a few bones in my time, probably the worst being my elbow. Tripped down the stairs when I was four and tried to keep from falling by stiff-arming the floor. PS full-arm cast for over two months.


I cracked a rib once. It hurt a lot but they didn't put me in a cast or anything.
When I was 4 I fell off a swing and broke my collarbone. I don't remember much about that, but I don't think I had a cast on that either.
Once I hit a rock while riding my bike and I broke my arm. I went to school the next day and said I couldn't write because it hurt, but the teacher didn't believe me. Then the next day, I showed up with a cast, and she was so sorry!
Once I fell out of a tree and I couldn't breathe for like a minute. Did that happen when you fell out of the tree?
If you get a nose job, they break your nose first.


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Freaky Fred said:
Dr. Javelin said:
Freaky Fred said:
Nope. But in my case, that could mean instant death...
Nope. Pectus excavatum. Maybe not intstant death, but I'd be seriously injured.
OMP I have pectus carinatum. We should start a gross-looking chest deformity club.