Sims Games Glitches

For all of you guys who have some of the Sims games, I've noticed a lot of glitches in some of them. So, name the weird and funny glitches here.

On one of the games, I live up in this rocky place and everytime I try to throw something in the trash, it just sets it back down on the lawn. So now, I have to buy an indoor one, throw things out in that, and when it's full, sell it, and buy a new one.

Also, my sister has a house that you can't put flooring in.


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Social Services people go crazy if you try to trap them. They teleport around and generally wreck the game.


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In the Sims for the Gamecube I started a fire in a house with no doors and the fireman was putting the fire out on the sidewalk.

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I remember in the Sims 2, there was this glitch where, in a room, you could run against the corner of a wall and fall through the floor. You couldn't get out of the black abyss, so you shouldn't have saved there. Of course, I am the sucker to Schmuck Bait. One of my files is stuck down there.

I probably found some in the Sims (1) for the PC, but, considering how most of them are done with the Move objects cheat, they're probably not glitches.

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On sims 3d once this burgular went in my house and by the time you phoned the police it stole my flatscreen tv, the only way I stopped it was by staying awake all night, not sure if its a glitch but it was bloody annoying!


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There's a glitch that's been known for a while (at least IMO). I'm not sure how it works but if it's done right, it turns a baby into the size of an adult, and gives the mind of an adult. If it doesn't do that, then it keeps the mind of a baby. I'm not sure.