Which emoticons do you normally use?

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Like, for happy, sad, laughing, angry, etc.

Oh, and you should disable smileys in the lower left corner of the post reply screen for this to work better.

Happy: ^^ or sometimes :D
Sad: I'm never sad, honestly.
Laughing: XD
Angry: >:-/
Grumpy: -_-
Evil: >:-/
Suprised: :O
Shock: O_O
Happy: :D
Sad: :[ or :(
Laugh: xD
Angry: >:[, :mad:, or D:<
"Why did you just say that": -_- or >_>
Surprised: O:
Shocked: o_O
Blank: ._.
I actually try to avoid using them but I guess "o_o" and "XD"

Which are the ones people usually find the most sarcastic.
Please, when you're posting your reply, disable smileys in the lower left hand corner.
Heh heh...oops!:(´・ω・`)
Sad:(TдT) or (T.T)

Uh, I use most of them, though tending to avoid "xD".
I like the :rolleyes:. I'm usually sarcastic.
Happy: ^_^ or :^D
Sad: D:
Angry =_=
Syrprised: All the versions of O__O

Special: ( . Y . ).
Using either screams "I'M A NOOB!" Sorry all y'all who use them.