Seems so long ago., a favorite site for me and a few other members around here. I'm in the mood to make a general discussion about the articles here.

Now that I am bored, I am currently reading this article on movie plot holes.


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It's my favorite source of "junk food" reading (even with this in mind). It's very formulatic and sometimes badly researched, but man is it fun!

david wong should really shut the fuck up about vidya gaems, though.

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god damn some of those images are funny


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That's just creepy.


Seems so long ago.

Those freaking Pac-Man jokes, man! They're enjoyable because of how stupid they are. It's hard to believe that someone wrote such a book. Then again, I've just discovered "Moon People" last week.

EDIT: Hell, I'm going to put one of those captures into my signature. I just need to find the lamest best pun.


Seems so long ago.
I'll just say that Nedroid is a decent comic maker, I guess. He should go for the newspaper comics. His comics would fit in just fine and they'd improve the overall quality of them. Then again, I'm sure the syndicate or newspaper executives would try to corrupt him just like many others who have fallen or fled.

Article for the day: This is a mildly initeresting article. It features the Legend of Zelda series, a video game series I have played not much of.

Also, shouldn't this thread be in General Entertainment? That's been bugging me for the past few minutes.

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It is now.


I like to read Cracked, the articles there interest and amuse me. The Photoplasties are also funny.

EDIT: damn you glowsquiiiiid


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There used to be a magazine called Cracked. It was a horribly funny knockoff of Mad. Even the mascot, Sylvester P. Smythe, was an expy of Alfred E. Neuman. The logos of the website is similar to the magazine logo.


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After a few hours of hard sciencing, they discovered that the sweat turned out to be a first-rate sunblock. It's filled with little microscopic structures that actually break up and scatter light molecules. It's also a first-rate antiseptic and an effective insect repellent. Kind of makes your sweat's ability to scare away women look pretty shitty by comparison, doesn't it?
Light molecules?


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Cracked is great... But seriously, that thing's as bad as TV Tropes when it comes to eating up your time.