Nintendo 64/Gamecube Controllers

Just a question and since they are Console Controllers i Thought I'd ask here. Anbody know where to get cheap Nintendo 64/Gamecube Controllers? I found one on eBay, $10 for each N64 Controller, but since I'm short on money, It'd be good to be cheaper (Though, I doubt it gets cheaper) Also, are Gamecube/N64 Controllers Region Locked?
$ 10,- matches € 7,05.
This is actually the cheapest yet, I've never seen any cheaper than that.
Also, controllers are not region locked.
I remember I even brought a second Gamecube controller at the local InterToys, many years ago.
It had a Japanese package and instruction booklet, and it works on my European Gamecube, and European Wii's.
Wait, so they're not region-locked?

I could get a GC controller someday for Brawl.
Well, Heres what I found:

White N64 Controller: $10 Each
White GCN Controller $7 Each
Black GCN Controller $7 Each

I plan on getting one of each GCN Controller and 2 or 3 N64 Controllers.
They're first party, right?

I could use some GCN controllers myself, actually.
No, Third Party, but theres Money-Back Gaurantee on the GCN Controllers, havent checked the 64 Ones. I got both the GCN ones just then. If you want the Links to them, just ask.
Gamestop can't do fraud on you, though. Besides, the user was referring to First Party stuff. You can trust Nintendo.

Could I have links for those Gamecube controllers, please? I have a surplus amount of money to spare.
My 3rd Party Controllers always malfunctioned after a few weeks, while my official Nintendo controllers still work after a lot of years of playing.
Third party Gamecube controllers suck. Meanwhile my local Gamestop had actual Nintendo controllers for like ten bucks. Of course, I'm getting some free from my cousins that I'll see on vacation this week, so that's good too. :)
I'm not spending too much money just to get First Party, The guy has sold over 100 last time I checked and has over 99% good feeback.

Oh, and here are the links:

It's in AUS Dollars but you can just use a converter to find out the price, It ships anywhere.

Plus, It has 3 Month Warranty.
This controller looks the same, but the Nintendo logo is missing.

I hope this controller works as well as the official ones.

Edit: Never mind, I found official controllers in Amazon.