Marioverse Battle #5: Lord Crump vs. Raphael

Who will wiin?

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  • Raphael (I'm angry...)

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Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
I'm finally back guys! And here is the new battle! Let's-a start!


Peach: Mario and Luigi today have a cold so I will be here.

[mwiki] Pauline[/mwiki]: YOU!! You took my boyfriend!!!

Peach and Pauline start a cat fight.


Mario (from his home sick in the bed): AACHOO! This battle...Lord C-ACHOO-rump will b-ACHOO-attle Raphael! Who will wiin?

Wii: I don't know why you ask me?



Lord Crump: Eye wiill wiin! Buh! Buh! Buh huh huh!

Raphael: I've been winning for so many battles...I WILL WIN!!!!!!

So who will wiin?

I have been getting really bored and I seem to take less care of the Marioverse Battles, so I'm not going to make them anymore, sadly. However, I can give the Marioverse Battles job to someone who wants it. If you want to take care of the battles PM me.

Remember that in every battle topic you do, you have to put the poll. Also Extended Marioverse Characters (Mario, DK, Wario, Banjo, Conker, Star Fox) will be allowed to battle.

Who wants to do this week's battle? Remember the winner is based on the votes so the winner is Lord Crump.
Well since there's going to be a Star Fox wiki in the Wiki Alliance well...

he's here.
Hello fellow Mario Fans! Paper Jorge said that I could do The Marioverse Battles. To be honest, I don't really know how Paper Jorge does the different colored words to represent the chraracter's colors. I clicked on the Font colour option, but I couldn't figure out how to use it. Could someone tell me? I also need to know how he does that line thing under each colum of words like this, ---------- excepet with no spaces.
Ok Petey for the color thing:

[color=put your color here] Text goes here. [/color]

So do you understand? You put [color=the color you want the font to be] then goes the text and then [/color] to finish the color you are using and turn it to black.

And the line thing?

Just keep typing -------------.
Okay! Here I go!

Mario: We are back folks! Wow! I never knew that Crump had it in him! He just sent Raphael flying with His..... Oh my god he's coming right at me!!!!
Raphael flattens Mario to the ground reducing him to a pancake.
Luigi: Holy sh*t Mario! were did you go?
Mario: Help! This fat a** is squishing me!
Raphael is seen unconcious. Then Luigi pulls Mario out from under the tub of lard's fat a**.

Luigi: That settles it! Lord Crump is the winner!

Lord Crump: I won! But I shall choose my own next fighter! I choose you Mario!
Mario: Oh Sh*t!
Luigi: Wait a momento! I thought you were sick Mario.
Mario: I was but I took a Super Mushroom.

I hope you enjoied this battle. Because tomorow I wil start my battle with Mario and Lord Crump.
Nice for your first try. Can you please start adding more obscure characters though?