Would you rather....

Simple game. One person says something like "Would you rather eat 10 spiders, or loose a leg" The next person responds to the question, and says a new one.

I'll start.

Would you rather fall 10 stories, or drink sewer water?

EDIT: No neithers


Celestial Guide
Fall 10 stories

Eat Poo/Get eaten by a Monster


Da f***, Rosalina?
I'm guessing you got this from Zoey 101? ;)

Eat Poo

Get stung by 300 wasps or Live in a car trunk for 5 years?

Master Crash

The Dragon of the West
Chat Operator
I thought there was already one of these? Guess not.

Electrocuted, because there's a slight chance I could develop electricity powers :D

Stabbed or shot?


The Last Story
Retired Wiki Staff
The teacher because punching the principal will get me into more trouble.

Would you rather be DK or Diddy?


Celestial Guide
Freeze to death

Eat by Yoshi/ Eat by Bowser


Yoshidude is here
Eat by Bowser because then I can have an adventure inside his body.

Would you rather fight Hooktail or Fracktail?

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan


Would you rather be deaf or be blind?

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan

Would you rather fall in love with a girl or tell the same girl she's pretty?