Would you rather....

Simple game. One person says something like "Would you rather eat 10 spiders, or loose a leg" The next person responds to the question, and says a new one.

I'll start.

Would you rather fall 10 stories, or drink sewer water?

EDIT: No neithers
Fall 10 stories

Eat Poo/Get eaten by a Monster
I'm guessing you got this from Zoey 101? ;)

Eat Poo

Get stung by 300 wasps or Live in a car trunk for 5 years?
I thought there was already one of these? Guess not.

Electrocuted, because there's a slight chance I could develop electricity powers :D

Stabbed or shot?
The teacher because punching the principal will get me into more trouble.

Would you rather be DK or Diddy?
Freeze to death

Eat by Yoshi/ Eat by Bowser
Eat by Bowser because then I can have an adventure inside his body.

Would you rather fight Hooktail or Fracktail?


Would you rather be deaf or be blind?

Would you rather fall in love with a girl or tell the same girl she's pretty?