YamiHoshi.nl Header: Feedback needed


Nintendo 3DS Developer
We've changed our site's Header, to something more Nintendo-like.
Since our own, blue design got totally fucked up, we were forced to use a new design, so we've downloaded a new theme from the internet, instead of creating one on our own.
However, we were far from happy with that.
The Footer.php file was totally encrypted, so I've hacked into the file, and removed all of the advertisements and Copyright information.
And today, we've changed the World of Warcraft-style icons (which were ugly brown) to the Starmen and Mushroom from the Super Mario series, and I've made up a new Header, in just 5 minutes (including App freezing).

As for the Header, I'd like to have a Feedback.
The old one looked like this:

The new one (the one I've made), looks like this:

As you all know, I'm far from creative, so I've used the blue background from Google Images (search term: Abstract), and cropped it to the correct size.
As for the Artwork, I've downloaded them from Nintendo of Europe (which are free to use), removed the Background with a simple click and press on a button, and shrunk them by at least 92%.
All of them have been done in the Mac OS X App, called "SeaShore".


Nintendo 3DS Developer
That Arwing is from Star Fox 64 3D.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
I think not, as this is the original.