Link's Awakening eShop game

Link's Awakening is a Game Boy game, not an NES game.
Are you seriously going to make a thread for every single Virtual Console game?
There is few VC games but if there is 10 games, I will make 2/10 games in thread
I can clearly see 10 VC Games (9 GB, 1 GBC) in the Japanese eShop, and that's not what I call, a few.
I didn't even tell which games they are.
Out of the VC games, the only fun ones are Super Mario Land, Kirby's Dreamland, Zelda DX, and probably Donkey Kong and Rockman.
I have SML and DK for GB and waiting for Kirby Dreamland next week or SMB deluxe
If I look at the American Nintendo Press Portal, I only see "Donkey Kong" in the "Nintendo eShop" category, for some reason.
So in other words, I don't think they'll plan what will come (as I've said before).
They actually do that since the beginning.