"Oh Luigi" Comic Series


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hey everyone wagnak here im starting a new comic series called "Oh Luigi" im feeling ill do fresh content every so often if you know what i mean...

speaking of you knowing what I mean, here is comic #1: "An Honest Mistake"...

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Erm, no, I don't understand your comic.
Baby Simones said:
hey man im a big :luigi: fan so love this comic already. Honestly who hasn't this happened to? :rolleyes:
Can't wait for the next issue!
Hey thanks!

Pansear said:
Why 15 minutes?
15 minutes is the average time for time lapses

YamiHoshi.nl said:
Erm, no, I don't understand your comic.
they both wanted to fix some pipes but misinterpreted each others meaning, if you know what I mean. its just a silly joke

Dragonair said:
WagNak that image link can get you banned. Read the rules.
^ The link or the image? but thanks i think
hey everyone wagnak here. im back with the much anticipated, highly rated episode 2 of the "Oh Luigi" Comic Series.

This comic hits home close to the heart, and I'm sure many of you probably were in the same situation! It's called "Another Day, Another Dollar." Enjoy.

hey fans wagnak here. due to popular demand, me and my team are happy to bring you part 3 of the "Oh Luigi" Comic Series.

As we have already learned, Luigi is keen to the unexpected, lovable, and charming perks that make him, well, Luigi! So without further ado, here is "The Unstoppable Train We Call Willpower"

Mason said:
Why does Luigi become Grimmace? ???
I thought it was a Grimer.
Mason said:
Why does Luigi become Grimmace? ???
thats jam and jelly lol
hey fans wagnak here and guess what............ IM BACK BABY the newest addition to my "Oh Luigi" comic series takes a little twist.. you'll have to read it yourself to find out!

The title of this comic comes from deep within. The title of this comic comes from deep within. I call it, "You can say that again!"

Please confirm that the dead comic in the OP can be reuploaded and that the Super Mario Wiki community did not lose a piece of its claim to cultural superiority.
to celebrate the upcoming 5 year anniversary of my award winning "oh luigi" comic series, i had to dig :doge: a few of my original pieces of work from the past to re share with my fan!
enjoy these blasts :bobomb: from the past !! enjoy and stay tuned for more '"oh luigi"!!!

the original 'that was a close shave'

that's not my mom, it's a jam n jelly!

we are not the same person. none of us are
This is an announcement I can masturbate to.
At least you didn't think of that other person known for having "baby" in their username.

And for the sake of saying something revelant heck yeah I'm glad to see these again.
Toy Bonnie said:
I cannot read them!, When i click the ImageShack
link, a button that says go home pops up

i reuploaded them! thats my 'update' post. all the 1s you cant see are in that post (my most recent post (not this 1 the 1 before it))

Glowsquid said:
This is an announcement I can masturbate to.

mario is a children game and saying blasphemous things like that is wrong on so many levels as wu tang says 'these oh luig comics are for the children' but thanks i guess. i almost reported u to mods but why report a mod to himself? kinda like obama eh lol :posh:

Hey fans. I got a lot of ideas in the "tank" and if this gets 10 likes I'll release a brand new special edition of "oh Luigi" prior to my upcoming oh Luigi re release in March