Do you think Mariowiki is as...

Mariowiki is a

  • Info about Mario website

    Votes: 24 55.8%
  • Walkthrough

    Votes: 2 4.7%
  • Both

    Votes: 17 39.5%

  • Total voters


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I think it is both because this site give me secrets about Paper Mario and MLBIS that shows enemy HP

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Although its intent is to be an information base and not a walkthrough site, there's inevitably aspects of both.


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I think MarioWiki as a Forum.


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It's more of an info site, because if it is a walkthrough, it would show point of view and strategies. The only reason we add stuff like HP simply because it's information.


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If I want a Walkthrough I'd go to sites like GameFAQs, not MarioWiki


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I always use YouTube for Walkthroughs.


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I don't, some of the pages on the wiki aren't good walkthroughs. If I needed one, then I would go to Youtube or Gamefaqs.


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IGN is actually gaming journalism, but in a very advanced matter.
IGN and Gamespot (GameFAQs = Gamespot) are the 2 biggest gaming news sites on the internet, because they were the very first.
They both started as a hobby, and now they've become enterprises.


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I'm gonna go with website on mario info


I like the Mario games a lot and i am playing it from my childhood.I love the mario character he is so cute.Mine most favorite games of Mario are Mario world,super Mario sunshine and paper Mario.I have these many times.