DK games at E3 2011

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Apparently, we have Retro Studios who is taking Rare's place in the process of making DK games. I am thinking there will be a Donkey Kong Land Returns or a remake for Donkey Kong 64 if there will be DK games. Name what DK games you think will be announced during E3 2011 if there will be any. My friend rumors Donkey Kong Racing for the Wii seeing that Retro Studios owns the DK characters and will uncancel the game like others did. Main thing is, write what DK games you think will be announced if there will be any. There is always a possibility ;).


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Keep in mind that this thread is useless, since Nintendo didn't show any DK games at the E3 2011.
If they will not show any, you'll be disappointed.


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That's what I said, they didn't show yet, because it didn't happen yet.


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I would like a remake of Donkey Kong 64 for the 3DS, please


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This is in the wrong borad, DK topics go in the Marioverse.


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Well, as everyone can see, there were no Donkey Kong games announced at E3 this year. Might as well go ahead and close this thread.