You hit a ? block. What do you get?

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
This is similar to this topic: You post, and you look at the seconds of your post. Then you see what item you got.

00: Coin
01: Red Star
02: Super Mushroom
03: Fire Flower
04: Rock Mushroom
05: Green Shell
06: Blimp Fruit Yellow Yoshi Egg
07: Mini Mushroom
08: Red Shell
09: Yoshi Egg
10: Poison Mushroom
11: Cloud Flower
12: Power Star Fireball
13: Shine Sprite Thundercloud
14: Ice Flower
15: Propeller Mushroom
16: Hammer Suit
17: Star
18: 1-Up Mushroom
19: Frog Suit
20: Blue Shell
21: Rainbow Star Bowser Shell
22: Green Star Fake Item Box
23: Tanooki Suit
24: Blue Coin
25: Spring Mushroom
26: Super Leaf
27: Star Coin Spiny Shell
28: Bee Mushroom
29: Red Coin
30: Star Bits Red Yoshi Egg
31: P-Wing
32: Boo Mushroom
33: Purple Coin
34: Mega Mushroom
35: Cape Feather
36: Bulb Berry
37: Penguin Suit
38: Life Mushroom
39: P-Balloon
40: Feather
41: Dash Pepper
42: Power Flower
43: Midway Point
44: Goomba's Shoe
45: Bubble
46: Big Star Green Yoshi Egg
47: Toad Balloon
48: Silver Coin
49: Glow Block
50: Berry
51: Bob-omb
52: Beanstalk
53: Ice Block
54: Barrel
55: Tilt Lift
56: Roulette Block
57: Donut Lift Boo
58: Hero Car
59: POW Block

I got a beanstalk! *climbs up*

EDIT: I changed many items.

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
I got a Super Mushroom


Mieu mieu!
Lets try again!


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Propeller Mushroom

EDIT: Oh wait I looked at the minutes of my post X_x

I instead got a Boo Mushroom.


Mieu mieu!
Question:is there a lmit as to how many times you can post?
Spring Mushroom


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A ? Block hurts hurts my head. X_x

Anyways, I got a Shine Sprite.

Master Dimentio

Cheep Cheep
I got a Spring Mushroom.

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
Goombella said:
Question:is there a lmit as to how many times you can post?
Spring Mushroom

Propeller Mushroom

Master Dimentio

Cheep Cheep
It's a small ring that you can only stand on for a short amount of time before it falls away.

I got a Barrel.

Master Dimentio

Cheep Cheep
... Rainbow Star? The heck is that?