Boo Pictures Needed!

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If anyone had any of the Boo pictures that I want, could you please put them on the wiki? There are quite a few sections missing images, and those sections are Super Mario Adventures, Super Mario-Kun, Hotel Mario, Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, Yoshi's Safari, and Mario Party DS.


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Unfortunately, neither Europe, nor America seems to have Boo images of Mario Party DS and Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, and America doesn't even seem to have the last one.
Yoshi's Safari and Hotel Mario are to far in the past to find anything.
Super Mario Adventures and Super Mario-Kun aren't even official games at all.

So, I can't help.


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I don't use Emulators, because they're hard to control, and slow for newer systems.


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No, I told you before about the IS-NITRO-CAPTURE, didn't I?
These are very expensive tools, used by developers only.

Video of that device:
That guy is talking a lot, but he doesn't have subtitles, making it harder for you.


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No, the "NITRO" means "Nintendo DS".
There is a PARTNER-CTR Capture, which captures Nintendo 3DS gameplay.
The prices and photo's.

If you want to get one of these things, you'll need to have a lot of money, become an officially approved Game Developer (can be done here), register on that site, and buy it.
An alternative is coming, I already asked Jumbotron DS maker "Neal Tew" to modify a 3DS to capture gameplay, and he's currently working on it.


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If there are sprites of the Boos available, I'll do my job if you please


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This is just 1 month old, so it isn't a that big problem, like K. Rool does (bumping threads of 3-4 years old).