WikiWare Productions


Shine Sprite
Hey MarioWiki Forum Users
I will make a group thing that is called WikiWare Productions that will make games
Does anyone wanna sign up?
Who I need
-level Deign
I'll do some of the art but I dunno who will do the rest
I can give ideas, and by art do you mean drawing the characters?
I should be able to do that.
I have some skills in using the game-creation device known as Scratch, but I kinda suck. Hardly any users here know how to make great games, besides Stooben and Mason.
Master Koopakid's Epic Yarn said:
I don't know how to make games but I have an Idea for the gameplay and stuff
Well, if you have an IDEA, why don't you go out, download something like Game Maker, and learn yourself?
Squirtle said:
about the engine, just read fromt he beeginning, long story
You were backed in a corner and thought I'd program for you in a pinch? Don't worry I'm not mad. I just feel awkward finding out weeks later.
Without knowing how to make a game, or just a simple Application, I'd quit your game development.
I mean, you can't go beyond a "Hello World!" script, if you don't understand what variables are good for.
I have ideas for a game, but I won't tell anyone because I don't want my ideas stolen if I ever plan to make it.
Koopa Kid said:
I will be cancelling al my projects. This includes my comics and this project ect.
I AM cancelling them BUT WWP is back up again! I'll mainly just do art and stuff but I don't want a huge team. Just me. Comic Ideas anyone?
I'll start a comic tommorow, and I will think of a comic idea by tommorow
It will also have artwork to go with it. I will try to find inspiration.