Witch do you like more PS3 or Xbox 360?

I'm a Nintendo fan and don't play much of either, but I have played each of them and they have their good and bad points.

I like the 360's controller in terms of buttons (the PS3's shapes confuse me so much D: ) but the PS3 controller is more comfortable.
Live is a paid service while PSN is free, but there's that whole problem with PSN right now.
I like the 360's games a lot better.

Overall, I'd have to choose the 360, simply because I'm more familiar with it since my brother has one.
Never tried them... I could try them in the future thought.

and you made a typo in the topic...
I used to like PS3 better, until the GeoHot vs Sony war started.
Same thing happened about the PSP, when the Lik Sang vs Sony war started.

X360 isn't a console I would like as well, because of its Red Ring of Death's, paid services, but I like the fact that they offer a free SDK for it (Microsoft Visual Studio).
I never play either but I want an Xbox 360 to play the most recent Banjo Kazooie. I don't want a PS3 at all. I've never even played a PS3 because none of the games interest me.
They both have good games. But right now I prefer Xbox, because GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo attacked to PSN. If Xbox Live would be free, it would be my dream console.
No, GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo hacked their own console, and published the Private Key.
They never attacked PSN.
It was a group of internet users, which fights against internet censor, and the group is called Anonymous.
I suppose the PS3 has more exclusives that are worth owning the system for. I've got everything I would play on a 360 for the PC.
I dont particulary like any of them, Im a Nintendo Fanboy, but PS3 would be my choice, because I've had a PS2 for a long time so it wouldnt be too different.
I've never played either, but I wouldn't mind having a PS3 (even though I've lost a bit of respect for them after that "coffee stain" comment).
I don't own an XBox360 so I can't really give a solid answer, but the PS3 has more exclusive releases I'd be willing to purchase.

On the other hand, the 360 has Symphony of the Night and Banjo-Kazooie...