favorite paper mario partner

Watt. Her anti-defense attacks were really helpful against Bowser.[/i]
-watt: her defence pierser attacks are useful agains the koopatrols, she can attacks spiked and enemies on ceilings

-vivian: she can attacks enemies on ceiling and spiked ones, good attack power, her burn abilities pwns

-thoreau: is fun to throw enemies on mortak falls
Never played paper mario :cry: :cry:
really? you should, the sieries is prety fun, yet sometimes hard.

That's were i got my forum name and my wiki name
I wanted to.

I tried to rent it from blockbuster but someone had stolen it! :cry: :cry:
Barry and Slim are very useful in Boss battles. I remember when I fought Dimentio in Chapter 3-3 and I only had 5 HP left. Without Slim I wouldn't have had a chance.