It's Easter!


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The sun starts to shine early, almost like it is telling to wake up early.... I get up but my mom says it's too early. I fall asleep again and when I wake up the egg hunt has already happened and there is no candy left.
I love Easter.


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It's almost evening, so we'll do Easter very soon.


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Who are you?

I'm the Easta' Bunny. And YOU, ah' in a lotta trouble, kid.

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zombie jesus zombie jesus


a rhinestone cowboy
Mason said:
Fawfulfury65 said:
Happy Resurrection Sunday!
I have no idea how the eggs and the bunnies got into the holiday.
Here is how eggs were involved:
In the middle ages Christians (The ones who celebrate Easter) were not allowed to eat eggs during lent, so by Easter they had extra eggs built up, so they decorated the extras.


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I ot a Justin Bieber egg, and (tried to) smashed it against a wall.Then I got a Taylor Swift egg, and ate it.I did eat most of the Justin Bieber egg though.