Princess Peach painting

hey everyone, here's my follow-up to the Mario painting I posted. Took a little more time with this one, to say the least :) Obviously this is my take on the character.

Hope you like! I'm at

haha forever, it seemed. I have a busy schedule, so it took about three weeks working on it here and there, mostly on weekends. Thanks!
This is a fantastic painting. You are a great artist.
Fabulous work! I can imagine it hanging in the Mushroom Kingdom Oval Office... if it had one. You work is really fantastic. I might have asked this before but what kind of paint did you use? (Or was it somehow done digitally?)
thanks everyone. This is all digital. I started out with a basic sketch on paper, scanned it and painted it all in Photoshop.
Awesome: noun, -er, -est, -ness. Meaning: This painting. (Antonym: Not this painting) from Awe, meaning this painting, and Some, also meaning this painting.

Are you doing one of Mario? That would be cool.