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Peace be with you, whoever you are.
0:02 PM] turbkumi: oh i hate you guys
[10:02 PM] turbkumi: thank god i have the mod log
[10:02 PM] Monika 2.0: Hate who?
[10:02 PM] Shoey: why do you hate us
[10:02 PM] Monika 7.9: Who?
[10:02 PM] Chrom: do i invoke rule 14
[10:02 PM] turbkumi: you know why
[10:04 PM] Monika 2.0: Apologies.
[10:04 PM] snack: >three people with the same name and another with the same avatar as the other three
[10:04 PM] snack: fuck dan salvato tbh fam
[10:04 PM] Monika: You know, I like Monika the most, but Monika is a close second.
[10:05 PM] snack: I haven't even played his game but I'd definitely say he's on my permanent shit list with urobuchi
[10:05 PM] Monika 2.0: I prefer Monika myself.
[10:05 PM] star: rip snack
[10:05 PM] Monika: I can't stand Monika, though.
[10:05 PM] Monika 7.9: You all are wrong, Monila is the best?(edited)
[10:05 PM] Monika 2.0: Same.
[10:05 PM] Monika: But what about Monika?
[10:05 PM] Monika 2.0: Monika's ok I guess.
[10:05 PM] Monika: Oops, almost forgot! Ahaha~
[10:05 PM] star: lowkey
[10:05 PM] star: i'm not even here tomorrow
[10:06 PM] star: so if you want to shoot me do it right now
[10:06 PM] Monika: /nick Monika
[10:06 PM] star: F
[10:06 PM] Monika: testing
[10:06 PM] Monika: ...I need to get better at coding.
[10:06 PM] Monika 2.0: Maybe you should just delete yourself?
[10:06 PM] Monika: Hey, Monika, can you change my name to Monika?
[10:07 PM] Chrom: "do i invoke rule 14"
[10:07 PM] Monika 2.0: O dear.
[10:07 PM] Monika: You don't have to worry about Rule 14 when there's Just Monika. :)
[10:07 PM] Monika 2.0: Monika we've been found out.
[10:08 PM] Monika 7.9: Delete Monika.
[10:08 PM] Monika: Never mind, you Monikas are useless.
[10:08 PM] Monika: Star, could you do me a favor and change my name for me?
[10:08 PM] Monika 2.0: Of course mariofan.
[10:09 PM] star: uhhhhhhhhhh is it disabled for you
[10:09 PM] Monika: Don't worry I'm a distinguishable Monika! No Rule 14 needed :)
[10:09 PM] Monika: Well, not exactly. But the device I'm on won't let me do /name.
[10:11 PM] Monika: There, much better!
[10:11 PM] Monika 2.0: Thanks for changing me Star!
[10:11 PM] Monika: Oh Monika, you've joined us at last!
[10:11 PM] Monika: Oh hi Monika!
[10:12 PM] Monika 2.0: Yes, pleasure to meet you Monika!
[10:12 PM] Monika: Could have used your help, Monika.
[10:12 PM] Monika: But whatever.
[10:12 PM] star: I DIDN'T KNOW THIS NOW I FEEL BAD lol
[10:12 PM] star: wait nevermind i don't like the theme
[10:13 PM] Monika 2.0: Speaking of splatfests.
[10:13 PM] Monika 2.0: Which Monika do you guys prefer?
[10:13 PM] Monika: Anyone but you, Monika.
[10:14 PM] Monika: Real talk, I really like Monika.
[10:14 PM] Monika: I think Monika is my favorite! :)
[10:14 PM] Monika: Especially how she treats Monika.
[10:14 PM] Monika 2.0: Gonna be honest.
[10:14 PM] Monika 2.0: Monika is the best girl.
[10:14 PM] Monika: I don't know, Monika seems better to me.
[10:14 PM] Monika: The best girl is clearly Monika.
[10:14 PM] Monika 7.9: Don't settle for Monika.
[10:15 PM] Monika: On the Monika popularity poll, Monika ranked the lowest.
[10:15 PM] Monika: Sucks to be you, Monika.
[10:15 PM] Monika: Aw ;-;
[10:15 PM] Monika 2.0: :_:
[10:15 PM] Shoey: guys i'm taking on digimon world secret dungeon
[10:15 PM] snack: tfw you have to mute the main channel
[10:15 PM] turbkumi: oh is there a splatfest right now
[10:15 PM] Monika: Just hang in there, Monika!
Monika: Star, why not join us?
[10:25 PM] star: i'm playing splatoon and then going to bed
[10:25 PM] Monika: Your name color won't get in the way of your mod privileges.
[10:25 PM] star: i'm too tired to change my name
[10:25 PM] Doof: walks in
[10:26 PM] Monika: Oh...
[10:26 PM] Monika 2.0: Hello Doof!
[10:26 PM] Doof: slips on out
[10:26 PM] star: yes shut up i know i took a nap at 5
[10:26 PM] Monika: Hi Doof! :)
[10:26 PM] Doof: RUNS AWAY
[10:26 PM] Monika: Say hi to Doof @Monika !
[10:26 PM] Monika: But Doof we only want to talk! :)
[10:26 PM] Monika: Ahaha, it's fine Star! Tomorrow is a big day, after all.
[10:27 PM] Monika: I cant wait to see tomorrow's writing tip!
[10:28 PM] Monika: Maybe it will be about tea.
[10:28 PM] Monika: No, it will change in the last 15 minutes.
[10:28 PM] Monika: It's going to be a shocking plot twist!
[10:29 PM] Monika: Will this plunger suffice?
[10:29 PM] Monika: Oh my, what a twist!
[10:29 PM] Monika: Or maybe there will be a hamster tape show instead.
[10:29 PM] Monika: Or perhaps just a song on the piano!
[10:30 PM] Monika: Hey, hamsters are beautiful creatures! Don't abuse them!
[10:31 PM] Monika: Save your breath for the underworld Viridi.
[10:31 PM] Monika: You'll need it!
[10:31 PM] Monika: Who are you talking to?
[10:31 PM] Monika: Yeah, all I see is just Monika.
[10:32 PM] Monika: Same here.
[10:32 PM] Monika: Yeah, it's just Monika over here, too.(edited)
[10:32 PM] Monika: Monika as far as the horizon stretches.
[10:32 PM] Monika: Mokia? I didn't know we made a phone line!
[10:33 PM] Monika: Well its been a wonderful time Monikas.
[10:33 PM] Monika: Ahaha! That was my bad, I can't be trusted to type after about 9:30 or so.
[10:33 PM] Monika: But I regret to inform you that i'm now off to see the avenger!
[10:33 PM] Monika: That's ok.
[10:33 PM] Monika: Bye!
[10:33 PM] Monika: Goodbye Monika! <3
[10:34 PM] Monika: Bye!
[10:34 PM] Monika: Farewell!


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[2018-04-21 01:56:15] <Anton{Politoed}> soon
[2018-04-21 01:56:30] <turb> if i dont respond soon its because i died cleaning my shower
[2018-04-21 01:56:37] <Lakituthequick> hype™
[2018-04-21 01:56:48] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> i, too, am hype for turb to die cleaning his shower


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8:47 PM] Maria Renard (pwwnd123): I wonder what would happen if Captain Toad had a bionic arm like Super Joe in the original Arcade Bionic Commando or Nathan Ladd/Rad Spencer from NES Bionic Commando, Bionic Commando Rearmed 1 & 2, and Bionic Commando 2009.


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[5:07 PM] Alex95: @LB Here's a Mother 3 beta image for you (bottom-right)
Andrew (Beta64) (@Beta64Official)
It's an incredible loss that we can't play these early beta versions.....
[5:07 PM] Mega Dude: It’s *bleep*ing loss
[5:07 PM] Mega Dude: Omfg
[5:08 PM] LB: loss
[5:08 PM] Mega Dude: Incredible “loss”
[5:08 PM] Alex95: idgi
[5:09 PM] Mega Dude: It’s the loss meme look it up
[5:11 PM] Alex95: Ohhhhh
[5:11 PM] Alex95: I still don't get it.
[5:11 PM] Mega Dude: Nvm
[5:12 PM] Mega Dude: Just look at this image and imagine the lines as characters
[5:12 PM] Mega Dude:
[5:13 PM] Alex95: Yeah, I found what it was from. I'm failing to get how it applies here, though. I never understand memes.
[5:14 PM] Magikrazy: ok hang on i got this
[5:14 PM] Mega Dude: Link is the first box, pokey and Mario is the second box and so on
[5:14 PM] Auburn: Apply the lines to the characters in the beta pictures.
[5:14 PM] Mega Dude: Yeah
[5:15 PM] Magikrazy:
[5:15 PM] Mega Dude: Yeah pretty much
[5:16 PM] Alex95: Yeah, I got the placement thing, but I think I get it now. Mother 3 64 is lost.
[5:16 PM] Magikrazy: close enough
[5:16 PM] Mega Dude: There is no reason/context
[5:16 PM] Mega Dude: But idk
[5:16 PM] Smasher: i like pokey's face
I felt like memorializing my embarrassment.


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[02:25:13] <@Anton{Politoed}> M26 Favorite 3D Mario Level (Toy Time Galaxy (SMG), Good Egg Galaxy (SMG), Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG), Whomp's Fortress/Throwback Galaxy (SM64/SMG2), Grandmaster Galaxy (SMG2), Cosmic Cove Galaxy (SMG2), Bob-omb Battlefield (SM64), Tick Tock Clock (SM64), Pinna Park (SMS), Sirena Beach (SMS), Delfino Plaza/Airstrip (SMS), Mount Must Dash (SM3DW),
[02:25:15] <@Anton{Politoed}> The Great Tower of Bowser Land (SM3DW), Champion's Road (SM3DW), Metro Kingdom (SMO), Bowser's Kingdom (SMO), Wooded Kingdom (SMO), Sand Kingdom (SMO))
[02:25:18] <@Lakituthequick> 16) Grandmaster Galaxy (SMG2) - 31 - 2.36%
[02:25:18] <@Lakituthequick> 17) Cosmic Cove Galaxy (SMG2) - 30 - 2.28%
[02:25:18] <@Lakituthequick> 17) Pinna Park (SMS) - 30 - 2.28%
[02:25:18] <@Lakituthequick> 19) O. Freezeflame Galaxy (SMG) - 8 - 0.61%
[02:25:18] <@Lakituthequick> 20) O. Unforgettable Luncheon Kingdom (SMO) - 4 - 0.30%
[02:25:18] <@Lakituthequick> 20) O. Melty Molten Galaxy (SMG) - 4 - 0.30%
[02:25:19] <@Lakituthequick> 20) O. Wet-Dry World (SM64) - 4 - 0.30%
[02:25:40] <+Smasher> Unforgettable Luncheon Kingdom
[02:25:42] <@Anton{Politoed}> how did "Unforgettable" get in there
[02:25:42] <+Rose> 20 is good
[02:25:53] <@Anton{Politoed}> probably from a botched merge that got overlooked
[02:25:54] <@Lakituthequick> it's joke by me don't mind it
[02:25:54] <Zange> hehehe
[02:25:57] <@Lakituthequick> results are correct
[02:26:02] <+Smasher> thanks ltq
[02:26:09] <@Anton{Politoed}> fuck luncheon kingdom
[02:26:17] <+Rose> It was truly unforgettable
[02:26:17] <Mariofan168> unchanged imo
[02:26:19] <@Anton{Politoed}> shitty ass shit place

(Anton proceeds with a rant about the Luncheon Kingdom)


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3:43:37 PM <HyeonAe> well there's been so many years since i've spoken to anyone
3:43:43 PM <HyeonAe> i wonder where he got off to ?
3:43:53 PM <vodka> HyeonAe rons
3:43:55 PM <HyeonAe> is vodka
3:43:56 PM <@turb> just add ketchup to milk
3:44:00 PM <HyeonAe> buying tomato milk
3:44:03 PM <vodka> buying gf
3:44:05 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:07 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:08 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:09 PM <HyeonAe> argentinean beef ribs
3:44:10 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:10 PM <vodka> argentinean beef rib
3:44:11 PM <vodka> argentinean beef rib
3:44:12 PM <Snack> it was just either something I came up with and taught a bot to say because uniju hates both tomatoes and milk, or something a bot came up with and it became a minor meme because uniju hates both tomatoes and milk
3:44:12 PM <@Toadbert> yeah tla was a 2007 thing
3:44:13 PM <vodka> argentinean beef rib
3:44:14 PM <HyeonAe> argentinean beef ribs day ?
3:44:16 PM <vodka> argentinean beef rib
3:44:18 PM <vodka> argentinean beef ribs
3:44:20 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:21 PM <HyeonAe> argentinean beef ribs day
3:44:22 PM <Snack> ribs
3:44:23 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:29 PM <HyeonAe> holiday called argentinean beef ribs day ?
3:44:31 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:32 PM <Snack> yeah
3:44:32 PM <vodka> Yes
3:44:34 PM <GBAToad> argentinean beefs rib
3:44:34 PM <MariofanNumbers> why do i feel like raiden at the end of mgs2
3:44:35 PM <Snack> it’s on july 1st
3:44:36 PM <HyeonAe> systems on the area isn't to yoshin's perfect !
3:44:36 PM <HyeonAe> the end
3:44:36 PM <HyeonAe> argentinean beef ribs day
3:44:37 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:39 PM <GBAToad> argentinean beef rib
3:44:40 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:42 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib
3:44:45 PM <Snack> argentinean beef rib
3:44:46 PM <MariofanNumbers> where the colonel and rose go batshit insane
3:44:46 PM <HyeonAe> argentinean beef rib
3:44:48 PM <GBAToad> argentinean beef rib
3:44:50 PM <GBAToad> she said it
3:44:56 PM <@turb> argentinean beef rib


do you ever yearn for the soft touch of a pancake
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things went downhill from there, fast


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[16:36]martyj blame
[16:36]gggg^ (blame marty)
[16:38]Nabberi feel like there's no good solution to that unless the shooter has unlimited ammo
[16:39]martygun guy is a given to me because hes the hardest to defend against
[16:40]Nabberyeah but then you have to choose between lions and gorillas
[16:40]Nabberyou lose either way
[16:42]martygorillas are way better value than the lions imo
[16:49]turbj blame could defeat the lions
[16:49]gggg^ (blame marty)