Ridge Racer or Rayman & I need to stop my friend


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I have 6 main mario kart and I never owned rayman and I like racing games and do ridge racer is worth buying than rayman?

My friend will going to hack his 3DS this summer and he will use flash card and what I should do?

EDIT: I picked ridge racer


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Re: Ridge Racer or Rayman?

I like rabbid than rayman and my friend will going to hack in his 3DS this summer and it will kill his 3DS and what I should do? and he use flash card


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I know English isn't your first language but that doesn't make an ounce of sense.
I've heard Rayman is really good too. I've only played Ridge Racer.

I suggest if you are more into adventures, fighting of villains and stuff you should go with Rayman. However if you like racing games and like smashing creaming CPU's than I'd suggest Ridge Racer.


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I'm basically a Mario Kart fan as well, but Rayman is about as fun as the 3D Mario platformers. Maybe even funner at points.

And good luck with your friend hacking firmware updates, new technology and stuff.