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Lorenz Hellman Gloucester

absolutely the best boy dont even try to debate it
Smg2daisy said:
My friend code: 3024-5698-2812
I need Nabber, GD, ARFU, NSM and others who didn't add me yet to join my friend list
added you.

also for those people who don't know my fc, it's 5000-2633-3733

Edit: I've also added stargazing and b45


Star Spirit
Lakituthequick said:
Currently waiting for DF
Seto Kaiba said:
For those who added me an I have not added back yet, I won't be able to add you back for awhile. When I was my parent's home I could have done it, but my 2DS died and I didn't bring a charger. My college unfornately blocks all online play, and yes that includes something simple like adding friend codes. So I will add people eventually...but it will be awhile.
Just a reminder.


Shy​ Guy said:
Currently Awaiting Confirmation From:


Oh wow, you're going from the top of the list, aren't you?

I'm steering clear of adding anybody who's stated that they add people that they trust, because I'm afraid that they won't know me well enough yet.

That being said, just PM me when you've added me, I'm also not one to ask someone to add me on the spot, unless they want me to.