SmashWiki - WarioWare, Inc. help

Hello, I am from SmashWiki. In SmashWiki I have been doing a project there for a while that involves getting an "Origin" section in all of the stages in the Smash Bros. games (which goes over the origins of elements in a stage. Like how Peach's Castle originated from Super Mario 64 and that the switches on the stage come from Super Mario World). The project is nearly finished and has come down to one stage away from being complete. However, the last stage is WarioWare, Inc. and the issue is that I am not familiar with the WarioWare games.
I am posting this message as a request for somebody who is familiar with the WarioWare games to write a section in the article OR provide me information on the origins of the elements in the stage. You're help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Warioware games are a series of short mini games and they are each in a stage (Person such as Wario) in a certian theme