Super Mario (raccoon tail)

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Dry Bowser
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You'd THINK there would be a topic about this already. And it would be on page 1 with people eagerly talking about it. Oh well, Here it is anyway. BTW, I plan to change the name once the official name of the game comes out.

Lo and behold, the Super Mario game Shigeru Miyamoto was talking about during that special 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. interview:

...And that's about it for now. More details come E3. Let the speculation BEGIN!

...Personally, it's interesting to see Nintendo try and incorporate the mechanic of having tiny Mario grow into Super Mario in a 3D game. The game itself, or at least the screenshots shown looks like Super Mario Galaxy 2, crossed with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And the raccoon tail tease was enough to get me really excited at first, but then it had me thinking "What about Super Mario World's cape? Or is that just not as cool as a raccoon tail?" Either way, just giving me a small taste now just makes me hungry for more!
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