I am on the forums on my DSI XL!


Spongebob will destroy you all!
I used the DSI XL's Internet browser to come here! Who else thinks it's cool?
Shoulda waited for 3DS
DS Lite Web browser?
http://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-DS-Browser/dp/B000OAO494/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1298320194&sr=1-1 ?
Doesn't seem like it'd be worth that price.
Sometimes, when I don't have time to power up my computers, I visit this forum on my Android phone.
And if I'm really bored, I visit it through one of my servers, so I only see text.

>>President Iwata
ユークリウッド・ヘルサイズ said:
>>President Iwata
Thank you for posting the exact same thing as ShyGuy.
I don't have it anymore but I can just use my homebrew browser on my flash cart if I need to surf the web in private on my DS again.
>>President Iwata
I actually had the 2nd post, but then I got notified that there were more people posting before I posted, and I saw you asking about the DS Lite Browser, so I was looking for an image of the box art, but ShyGuy and you were before me (again), so I thought, "I'll post anyway".
That's why I said 'the same thing as ShyGuy'.
That happens often in the evening.
Abce~ said:
I am right now with my lovely iPhone 4.
at least... I'm using my stupid Nokia 2330 classic with opera Mini... Works really fine for the forum!
And wait... What you and i just say aren't Off- Topic?