Mario World Stream LIVE NOW!


Hey guys, new here. Nice to meet some fellow Mario fans! Anyway, I run a video game stream channel on ustream and like to do marathons on the weekends. We've had a stupid long break from streaming, and when I started we started on Mario games 1-3. My friends have been pestering me to get back on Mario since I got them in the mood. So we're moving on with that!

We're going to be doing BOTH Mario Worlds. And I'm trying to promote the channel a bit more, so I figured a big Mario forum would be a good place to start. I would like some enthusiasm from Mario fans in the chat. Would be a lot of fun to see some of you there! I have something eles planned for the next stream too that you all might like. I hope to see some of you there! There's some recorded vids on my ustream page you can look at too if you wish.

Feel free to ask me anything too if you'd like.