1. Emo Furcorn

    Add stuff to the image!

    I’m not sure if there’s already something like this but you just edit stuff onto the image. Let’s see how chaotic it gets. Anyways…. Here’s a grassy field. Have at it, folks!
  2. Emo Furcorn

    KO a Character (Johto Edition!)

    Same rules as last round. Bold and strikeout a Pokémon to eliminate them. If they’re eliminated, they can’t win. hooh boy.
  3. Emo Furcorn

    Make a mild edit of the above avatar

    Exactly what it sounds like. Put as much (or as little) effort as you want. It can be whatever from a color changed, to a simple mustache. but PLEASE keep it appropriate. If only I had an avatar to edit.
  4. Emo Furcorn

    Describe a video game/game series sarcastically!

    Keep spoiler in spoiler boxes! here I go… the Elder Scrolls Series!
  5. Emo Furcorn

    Nic’s Stories

    Map of Landal Comments, Questions, and criticism are more than welcome.