1. M

    Audio sequence names in the Mario Kart DS ROM

    Hello, people... I've beem wanting to analyze the original music sequences from MKDS to deconstruct and/or rearrange them myself... But when I go analyze the ROM with VGMTrans, I see that the songs are only identified numerically: I already did manage to get which song a few of these sequences...
  2. Greninja The Mario Karter

    Why The Fake Item Box Was Removed And How It Could Potentially Return

    The Fake Item Box used to be a series staple alongside the Green Shell and Banana as a 1st place item. However, it has been absent from Mario Kart 7 onward. I will explain why this item no longer appears in newer Mario Kart games, as well as proposing a way it could potentially return. Part 1...
  3. NinTylo

    Favorite Mario Kart Song?

    I have my Top 25 favorites, but (for those admins and all who are in control here) I'm not sure if I can post them... since any gameplay footage shown in my two parts of my favorites comes from OTHER YouTubers that aren't me. So I can't really say unless I can feel free to post them here (WHILE...
  4. Nick29


    Hi everyone, I wanted to talk today about a topic that interests me a lot, namely Peachette. I like it because there are many theories about Peachette. But I have a question about that .. I mean, did I want to know if Peachette belongs to the group of Toads or Human species? Some say that it...