1. Kirbyo

    Anyone interested in a Kirby speedrun competition?

    I was thinking I could do a bracket-style Kirby speedruning competition using 8 players so I don't need to worry about time restraints. Any ideas?
  2. Kirbyo

    Save a Character: Kirby Bosses

    Now that the Kirby enemy's hurt and heal is over, it's the bosses turn, now in the Save a Character format! Low on HP (in danger): King Dedede Meta Knight Krako Marx Galacta Knight Grand Doomer Hyness Lololo/Lalala Master Hand/Crazy Hand Daroach Wispy Woods Dark Matter Zero 0² Computer Virus...
  3. THE END

    All Kirby Lore

    This is an attempt to connect all the pieces together for the full Kirby lore. (it’s really confusing) You can help if you want to with some info
  4. YoshiFlutterJump

    YFJ ranks the Kirby games

    I've been planning this for a while, having played most of the mainline Kirby games now and wanting to compile my opinions of them into a single thread. This thread will only cover the 12 main Kirby of the Stars games, mind you; you won't be seeing Air Ride, Canvas Curse, or Epic Yarn on this...
  5. YoshiFlutterJump

    Save a Character: Kirby Final Bosses (Winner: Magolor)

    In Danger: King Dedede (Kirby's Dream Land) Nightmare (Kirby's Adventure) Dark Matter (Kirby's Dream Land 2) Marx (Kirby Super Star) Zero (Kirby's Dream Land 3) Zero-Two (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) Dark Mind (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) Dark Nebula (Kirby: Squeak Squad) Magolor (Kirby's...