1. Kirbyo

    My Lego Mario app is broken big time

    Why is this happening: I updated my phone, I tried restarting the app, and it either gets better, gets worse, or stays the same. How do I fix this?
  2. N. Brio

    Can’t post on this user’s profile

    I don’t know why I cannot post on Petuni’s profile. It does not let me start a conversation with the user, I can’t reply to a profile post, and I can’t make a profile post. Can somebody explain why?
  3. N. Brio

    Island in the Sky Power Moon Help

    In the Cascade Kingdom, there is an island with a Power Moon I can’t seem to get. The Mariowiki says that the painting to go to the island is in the Snow Kingdom or the Seaside Kingdom, but those paintings go to the Mushroom Kingdom and Wooded Kingdom in mine. Is there any other way to get this...
  4. London Parris

    Rockstar Game launcher not working.

    I am trying to play GTA V and due to it requiring it to play, I can't play the stupid game. Every time I started it up, it immediately crashed to desktop and Windows is saying that it is trying to find a fix. I tried this 30 times now, and it does the same stuff all over again. Is there any fix...