1. Kirbyo

    count up exponentaly by x2

    The title says it all. Good luck getting past 2,199,023,255,552. I'll start 1
  2. mistery juice

    Counting but with ______

    So, let’s get to it. We count to 100, but every time it ends, a new gimmick is introduced. I mean, I post 100. I choose the next gimmick, let’s say... IMAGES! Everyone uses images of the numbers to count to 100. The last person to post before the counting ends, in this case, 100, chooses the...
  3. Movie Bowser

    Counting forever but every time you count you tell a fact about yourself

    1 I have Aspergers on the mild side of the spectrum.
  4. Blue

    Count to 10,000 before COVID ends

    Rules: you have to count to 10,000 when before the cough cough ends. It will count as ended when a cure or prevention thing is made public and has been proven to work on at least 92% people or more so. 1
  5. London Parris

    Count to 2020

  6. JoeRunner

    Count if you are actually in preschool like the category description says

    I can't start this one though