1. Y

    From a design standpoint, what do Mario boss fights strive for?

    I've been thinking of making my own Mario fangame someday and it's gotten me thinking, what makes for a good or challenging boss fight in a Mario game? I've noticed that in a lot of cases, Mario can't harm the bosses he fights unless he either A) waits for the boss to do a specific attack or B)...
  2. Kirbyo

    Save a Character: Kirby Bosses

    Now that the Kirby enemy's hurt and heal is over, it's the bosses turn, now in the Save a Character format! Low on HP (in danger): King Dedede Meta Knight Krako Marx Galacta Knight Grand Doomer Hyness Lololo/Lalala Master Hand/Crazy Hand Daroach Wispy Woods Dark Matter Zero 0² Computer Virus...