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  • The date in the fanfiction: 15 June 2021
    A hero watched "Nintendo Direct | E3 2021" and saw what Kazuya had done to Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Pit, Min Min, and Marth.
    Hero: I shall stop him from throwing more characters off the cliff.
    I went to Luigibonus's server April-September 2020.
    Luigibonus went to Super Mario Wiki's server today, which I am in.
    So we met again.
    The date in the fanfiction: 29 March 2021
    Larry Koopa: Lord Bowser, why did you call me here?
    Bowser: I want you to do something for me.
    Larry Koopa: What do you want me to do?
    Bowser: I want you to change my appearance using your magic wand.
    Larry Koopa: Why?
    Bowser: So that I can have revenge on Mario. Every time I think about him, I want to beat his family to death till they die.
    Larry Koopa: Alright, Lord Bowser. But do you mind me turning you into something random as my magic wand is malfunctioning today?
    Bowser: I don't care what I look like. I only want to get revenge on Mario.
    Larry Koopa: Alright, Lord Bowser.
    Click here to see what Bowser had become.
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    "Do you want to tell me when it's really cold?"
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    Bonus: Revival
    Part 1: Brawl Stars vs Genshin Impact
    Chapter 1: The battle of the Ambers
    Chapter 2: Who will be a better bartender, a robot or a girl with cat features?
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    Yakko: MarioWiki gave Alex95 the axe
    Mrs. Arrow:15
    Silver Neelsen:11
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    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
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