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    Kool_Koopa's back peepz!

    But it's so unfair! SHE who is my sister, who hates Mario was always spamming in my Mario related website accounts, I barely got a chance to go on the computer. She loves Legend of Zelda though.
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    Kool_Koopa's back peepz!

    Why banning? I mean, she stole my account and pretended to be me posting rubbish about Mario being Italian and other stuff like that. But now, as I went on the forums, I was suprised to see she left my account alone.
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    Kool_Koopa's back peepz!

    Omg, how can you not remember me? I was like a legend here 3 years ago! You know Rudnicki? People though I was him, but I'm not.
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    Kool_Koopa's back peepz!

    I wonder if anyone still remembers me.
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    Favorite Mario Party Game

    in few years time... lOLZ11!!! L00K! Mario Party 1038 coming out in Pii!
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    Characters in the next SSB

    How 'bout Rosalina?
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    Share weird dreams here...

    It means that you are not strong psychically. Organise your day, bit by bit and I think that should help. If not, spam at my face. (no, please dinny do that!) 'K back on topic. I had a dream that I became a plumber and that I had a HUGE moustache (like :mario: ). When I woke up, i found an...
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    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

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    Word game

    cereal and serial.
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    You Know You've Played Mario Games Too Much When...

    lol. I can remember every word in . I love it.
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    The official "Did you know?" thread

    in SMS there are just 95 shine sprites.
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    You Know You've Played Mario Games Too Much When...

    when you come back from work and find out that a random Koopa had stolen your girlfriend.
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    I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

    that's because i'm in love with koopas!
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    maybe Sugar Mama luigi, The Thwomp from brooklyn or someone else new.
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    In this topic, post your height.

    I am 155cm. 5'5''. See the original's wikipedia's page about :mario: ? They say he's the same height as me. That's not fair.