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    How do I upload a GIF onto my Signature?

    The title asks the question...
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    The official name change log

    User Looigi has changed their username to SMF48.
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    Super Luigi Odyssey (MOD)

    Nice to know! Thanks!
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    Luigi's Mansion 3

    Oh, lol, I bet everyone is going to be waiting in line for this game ;D
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    Super Luigi Odyssey (MOD)

    And your right, I've never modded before, and like I said in the post, "I just want the community to know about it!", and I never really expected anyone (well some people) to know how to model... in fact, iv'e been wanting to mod games before, I just thought it was too complicated. :-\
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    Super Luigi Odyssey (MOD)

    This is the tutorial getting "Super Luigi Odyssey" is way more complicated than you think And if you do get caught by Nintendo messing around with the switch settings like this, you might get system banned FYI
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    Super Luigi Odyssey (MOD)

    THIS IS JUST A MOD! Just to let you know before you come looking up "How to get Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey". It's exactly like "Super Mario Odyssey" but with Luigi as the main character and Cappy having green eyes I wanted to post this to the community because I want to know what they think...