Lawrence Curls

You thought this trend was done? Dun-dun-duuuun, it’s not!
Gotti ask why you clicked here? Oh right. Cause I got 95 laughs?
Why 95? Because that’s what the square root of 9001 is, and it’s square to root for me as Ringmaster over 9000 percent. Aha! Aha!
May 11, 2002 (Age: 20)
On Earth


The Shadow Prince


I’m never happy… except when making people laugh with my bad jokes. Or when they’re actually funny.
This forum is just awful. The posts are just slippery and bad. Like seriously, who the hell decided it would be okay for posts this terrible to be in a forum with PRECISE THREADS?? How the hell is GameFAQs more suitable as a forum than this crap?? And whenever I decide to reply backwards, my text box will sometimes just turn left or right! These posts are so freaking bad and there is no excuse! The users (especially Princess Viola) also suck. This forum constantly looks like an unfinished test forum , which clearly wasn’t tested due to the poor posts. Screw this annoying forum! I can’t believe people are willing to call this crap the “best forum ever”