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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Until Dawn I absolutely loved it. Great game. Want to play it even more. I ended up twitch streaming it to friends since PS4 makes it convenient and its such a good game to stream. It made it even more enjoyable. My end goal was just to keep Chris and Ashley together, BUT I FUCKING KILLED CHRIS...
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    The Flash (TV Show)

    Since it just premiered its third season, I thought it would be great to start a thread about one of my favorite shows, The Flash. Feel free discuss anything about the show here. It doesn't have to be about the most recent episodes. Personally, I could talk for hours about The Flash!
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    Do you know what the above user's avatar is?

    Bowser at 4:19. glasses out, j still hidden
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    I Could Use a Little Anime Advice :)

    Squid Girl is so fucking good
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    What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

    What a coincidence. I've been listening to The Megas. Currently, it's their song, Make Your Choice.
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    I Could Use a Little Anime Advice :)

    Pretty much any sports anime. (Free doesn't count.) They are the best.
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    Post your opinions on any random movies

    I just recently watched Inside Llewyn Davis, and I really liked it. It definitely isn't for everyone because of the plot/ending (which I won't spoil). I really enjoyed Oscar Isaac in it, and how the movie looked.
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    Rate the User above avatar!

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    If you could meet 20 users in real life, who would they be?

    1)Uniju 2)Uniju 3)Uniju 4)Uniju 5)Uniju 6)TFP 7)Uniju 8)Uniju 9)Uniju 10)Uniju 11)Uniju 10 more times
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    If you have ever changed your username, how do you feel about your old one?

    I don't exactly like the current name I use here. It seems childish and reminds me of 12 year old me. I don't really mind being called shortened forms of my username, but I get so embarrassed when someone uses the full username. It may not technically be my "old" username here, but it's an old...
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    The Official AH NEE MAY Topic

    That's every sports anime. You want to be able to watch the games in one sitting.
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    how much money is in your wallet right now?

    $23 and however much is currently on my debit card. My friend also just venmo'd me $300 dollars yesterday if that counts.
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    The Official AH NEE MAY Topic

    Boy am I glad that there are 3 sports anime this season. I felt like I was going through withdrawal last season. I still need to watch Battery, but I am loving Cheer Boys/Danshi! And DAYS is looking like it will be a better soccer anime than Knight in the Area was.