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    Your favorite Pokemon

    Mew. He transforms and learns almost every move, and he's cute.
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    Your Yoshi Kid

    Mine was green and called Frogshi.
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    What is your favorite and least favorite Mario game?

    Favorite: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Least favorite: Mario is missing
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    Are you getting a PS3 or XBox 360?

    I'm sure most of you are getting a Wii, but are you getting another next gen console?
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    Rate the above user's signature.

    Every forum should have one of these! It's pretty self-explanatory - just rate the above user's signature out of 10 and give a reason why.
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    Suggestions for Improvement

    I want to be able to view posts in a topic from the newest to the oldest. This view is useful if you've made a topic and want to quickly see replies, or for seeing your rating in "Rate the above user's sig games".
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    The Koopa Kids

    If I recall correctly, that was Larry...