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    Rest in Peace, Walkazo

    I haven't been very active around NIWA, so I only found out today. I decided to visit my old account here again to express my condolences. I didn't know her very well and haven't been here in years, so I'm not one who can or should be saying much, but I do remember her as a great contributor and...
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    Why does there even need to be a Donkey Kong Wiki

    I'm guessing there is a Donkey Kong Wiki because whoever made it wanted to run their own wiki. There are millions of websites about the exact same thing as already existing websites; you will hardly find one that doesn't have "clones". It must be taken into consideration, however, that all of...
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    Serious discussion about serious topics.

    I don't know if the Dutch translation of "elite" is usually interpreted like that, but as pointed out above, it really doesn't mean that in English, sorry. It's derived from a word meaning "chosen" or "elected" and tends to refer to a group of people...
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    A Link to the Past :3
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    Why did you choose your username?

    Didn't we have a thread like this before? I seem to recall explaining this long ago... Maybe it was on a different forum... Ah well. Velli is short for Vellisia, the dragoness in my avatar, who started out as a minor character in a novel I wrote but who I have grown to like a lot :3 The...
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    Who thinks Glover is underrated?

    Not everyone had the kind of money required to buy a Nintendo 64. I was "lucky" to be able to even buy the PC version, so I was even more upset with the controls as I had spent a lot of money on the game and it is thoroughly unenjoyable the way it is. (I can't comment on the Nintendo 64 version...
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    Who thinks Glover is underrated?

    Oh gosh, Glover. I have that game for PC; bought it 'cause it looked so awesome and fun. It wasn't. It's been a long time since I played it, but I do recall the controls being terrible and making it more painful than anything else to play, so the people criticising those do have a point; they're...
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    Do you live close to a country border?

    I live about an hour (maybe more, but not significantly so) from the Netherlands/Germany border (Groningen border, to be exact :p) and have been to the Netherlands a couple times :3
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    Do you wear glasses?

    Don't wear them (though my boyfriend does) and hope I won't need to. Actually, even if I had to, I probably wouldn't wear them; I look terrible with glasses :< (Then again, I also look terrible without glasses... But if I needed them and didn't wear them, I couldn't see my ugliness in the mirror...
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    Woah, Claymates :O I have that game. Picked it up waaaay back at some second-hand store while on a holiday somewhere; don't remember where, I was very young at the time. It came with an English-language manual for some reason instead of a German one, so it would take me a couple years from then...
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    Common Mistakes

    "Birdo is female" is hardly a mistake; Birdo clearly displays a female gender identity. Calling her male because she was born male isn't exactly a very nice thing to do; in fact, it's downright offensive. And Being transgender means that your gender identity differs from your biological sex; it...
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    If a Mario character could come to life, who would you want?

    <predictable>Birdo :3</predictable> Reasons are obvious.
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    Who do you play in SMB2/SMBUSA?

    The Princess :3 Love the floating, makes it so much easier to land precisely where I want after jumping.
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    Which emoticons do you normally use?

    Let's see... unless I'm using something that has actual smiley images that I like (Skype comes to mind, which has very cute ones), I use :3 , 3: , >:3 , 3:< , x3 , =^w^= , =°w°= and... some noseless classics. Also 3:3 when I'm a cow.
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    The Weather in your Area

    Re: What is the weather like for you Cold-ish for Summer, and it has been raining almost non-stop for two days :3 Just my kind of weather.