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    Richest character in the Marioverse

    What about the money Luigi found in Luigi's Mansion?
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    Am I the only one who doesn't like MKWii?

    The game has its faults, such as the online points system, and the fact that battle mode MUST be done with teams, but it's still good.
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    Mario Super Sluggers Wishes

    Rosalina Kiddy Kong Chunky Kong Lanky Kong (not all 3 though) Baby Wario Koopatrol
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    who got Pokemon Pearl or dimond?

    Should my friend I get these games? We played the hell out of R/B/Y back in the day, and got G/S, but never fully finished those. We didn't bother with R/S at all, since we were tired of Pokemon at that point, but I opted to buy LG since it was a remake of the originals. As someone who hasn't...
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    Explain the Star Cursor(s)

    I'm asking since it might be considered a form of breaking the fourth wall if it's the player themselves, which would be worth noting.
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    Who has a bigger chance of being the next Baby?

    Baby Waluigi, as Waluigi may be more popular than Birdo, and to give Baby Wario a partner.
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    Explain the Star Cursor(s)

    Who's controlling it? It can't be a Luma, since you have control over the Star Cursor at the Star Festival before you meet them in the Gateway Galaxy. Do Mario and Luigi have psychic powers? Is the player breaking the fourth wall? What about the second Star Cursor?
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    Design the next Mario Kart Retro Cups

    In the next Mario Kart game, which existing tracks would you select for the Retro Cups? Since there's six games to choose from, and sixteen tracks that can make the cut, I've tried to arrange things as evenly as possible. The 2D games get fewer tracks due to their flat layouts, much like in MKW...
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    The Babies...

    For every baby Nintendo uses, another worthy character who isn't in the game at all gets the shaft.
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    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    I'll still be around to make an edit here and there, I'm not gonna leave for good.
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    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    I hate to say it, but I may want to resign as a sysop. I've been very inactive in my duties as of late, and have no serious desire to continue doing so. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this wiki and have made many friends here, and I'll probably never stop visiting, but I think my days as a sysop...
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    You have been disconnected from other players

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    You have been disconnected from other players

    I HATE THIS ERROR! EVERY TIME IT COMES UP I LOSE LIKE 300 POINTS WHEN I DID NOTHING WRONG! And it always seems to occur when I'm in first...
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    Is the Maple Treeway track located in the Gold Leaf Galaxy?

    It could be. But then again, perhaps not. At the very least, the resemblance was intentional. ::)
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    MKWii FCs

    Mine is 1590-5238-7237