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    MKWii FCs

    Sure. ;D
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    MKWii FCs

    I've added everyone on this thread. That took forever! :D
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    MKWii FCs

    Nick: Dean (pretty sure) FC: 4897 9976 4393 Controller Scheme: Gamecube Controller Character/Vehicle Combo: Mii/ standard kart M
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    GG Comic

    I'm AIPOM!
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    Your favorite Pokemon

    I like them all. :D
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    The Super Paper Mario Help Thread

    Does it have alot of enemy pictures :?:
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    PIZZA! Pizza with ice cream, tryed it. It was GREAT! :lol:
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    Invader Zim

    Monty, I need help with my scratchpad Wiki, InvaderZimpedia. It's in desperate need of new users. Here's the link, Please join, everyone :D
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    Why :?:
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    Favorite Pokemon?

    Yah. :)
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    Aipom's Comic

    I wouldn't be too sure. :twisted:
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    Favorite Pokemon?

    I know! The last unlockable character in SSBB erases the rest the leaves. :lol:
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    Favorite Pokemon?

    I like glitch Pokemon. Most don't have faces.
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    I can't swim if my life depended on it.
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    Hahahahahahaha! :lol: I was just kidding, I'm on the track team.