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Why can't there be an Italian MarioWiki?
There is... It's partnered with the German and English ones.

Fan Creations / Re: Lakituthequick's occasional art
« on: Today at 12:33:34 PM »
New month, new maze, new art! This time we have the Smiley Flower from the Yoshi's Island series.

Check out the maze I this into right here!

This time I used a different method for creating the maze as I described in May 2018 with the Parabeetle, to see if that is another efficient or quality way to make them.
After making the base figure, I drew a grid of lines on top of it to be the near finals walls:

These walls were then painfully intersected and split to be individually editable. Haven't found an easy way to do that yet.

Then I plotted out the real and main distraction paths on top of that:

After that I just removed all walls that were in the way and plotted out the remaining pathways.

I feel that this resulted in a more natural maze with more effective dead ends, as it's easier to plot the dead end this way, although for a first time it took a bit more time to complete. Maybe that'll improve in the future. Time will tell!

HelpDesk / Re: How to add a working GIF to a signature?
« on: February 01, 2019, 11:36:33 AM »
Friendly reminder that the question how to insert images in posts and signature is answered in the FAQ.

HelpDesk / Re: Left Joy-Con problems
« on: January 31, 2019, 12:36:18 PM »
You can also try re-calibrating the control stick, there is an option in system settings for that.

Fan Creations / Re: Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao 'Shroom Section)
« on: January 20, 2019, 02:03:30 PM »
#22: Gomar and Shioh

Fan Creations / Re: Lakituthequick's occasional art
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:27:23 PM »
Happy new month! And year!

My birthday is this month! Been happening about 22 times now, and all were in January for some reason. Either way, that means that it is soon time for cake, thus a maze on a cake!

Check out the maze I made this sweet into right here!

Also be sure to check out out the results of The Holiday 'Shroomfinity Scavenger while you're at it!
This also features a big table with all the locations of the fighters and spirits in last month's edition. Fun fact: this table is actually not coded like a table, but in a more advanced way that makes sure it actually looks good on screens of all sizes, and wraps the columns around to do that.

HelpDesk / Re: Switch continues to go into sleep mode while charging.
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:58:59 AM »
Being charged or not does not affect sleep mode.

You can modify the timeout though, go to system settings and find the sleep mode menu, somewhere near the bottom.

General Discussion / Re: The German MarioWiki is about to change!
« on: January 15, 2019, 05:12:42 PM »
Okay, so I need to hook up my Ubuntu notebook to the LAN and start shoveling the gigabytes from one server to the other, right? ^^
Ubuntu supports question marks so that would be a good bet. You could see if you have options to only filter those broken images to save some time. Good luck!

General Discussion / Re: The German MarioWiki is about to change!
« on: January 15, 2019, 03:47:49 PM »
There we have a problem then.

On Windows, question marks are invalid characters to use in filenames, and as such they are replaced by underscores by FileZilla while downloading them.
What you'll have to do if possible is to download them again, but using a different operating system, then upload them to the new place.

Off-subject Discussion / Re: Post screenshots of your desktop.
« on: January 15, 2019, 01:11:09 PM »
Installed Linux on my laptop this weekend.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Pretty clean, and likely to stay that way because of how the general workflow on this OS is.
Background image was included with the laptop and I simply copied it over from Windows because it is neat.

General Discussion / Re: The German MarioWiki is about to change!
« on: January 15, 2019, 01:00:30 PM »
Did you use any special programs to download/export and/or re-upload/import the files?

The Marioverse / Re: Peach's wedding dress hairstyle in Mario Odyssey?
« on: January 10, 2019, 04:00:19 PM »
I quickly stuffed her model from Odyssey in a 3D editor to capture a few images without the layers at the top. Hope you have some use of it.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

If you need a different angle somewhere, just ask.

Happy belated Birthdays to Pi, 876 and Glitchy, and Happy Birthday to FTG, Toadgamer and Koops!

Video Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: January 10, 2019, 08:55:16 AM »
I know that you're able to post your Nintendo Switch screenshots onto Facebook or Twitter, but I feel highly skeptical about those websites. I have no use for Facebook, but how safe is Twitter?

I'm asking this, since I might want to show my Nintendo Switch screenshots from games, like Super Mario Odyssey.
I don't know about either, so I can't help you on that, but you can just get your screenshots off your Switch using a micro SD card.

Also to elaborate on the point a bit further the later release would also benefit the writers in later timezones as they would be provided a few additional hours to work on their sections.
This point is interesting, as the writers deadline is actually a week before release, barring exceptions. How would it benefit them?

6. My ideal murder would be something flashy, involve chemicals, and be somewhat remote. The best plan I can use to represent this was a failed murder attempt in Minus World's KG5. In the plan, I had planted several bottles of alcohol which when mixed with a certain chemical started to produce deadly gasses. In addition, I also planted a few bottles with corks so that way they would explode and send shards of glass as well as the deadly gas everywhere resulting in heavy bleeding and chemical burns. This all happened though while I was in the middle of a bar night serving drinks. Overall the plan didn't work cause someone got the kill first, but it was very fun to construct.
Timer Molotov cocktails essentially. Nice.

To Hooded Pitohui and Fun With Despair I have the following question:

One bullet in your campaign is the improving of the archives. In what way(s) do you want to do this? As it is now, we have an archive page linking to all issues and the teams, staff sections and special within, as well as spreadsheets listing all sections and their writers.

To Raregold and MsRetroGeek I have the following questions:

You have noted the requirement to team directors of nominating sections for SSotM 48 hours prior to the page uploading deadline. Should these be sections from their own team, or may they nominate any section that appeared?

How do you want to encourage engagement and guest sections from the community?

You have noted a deadline of 12:00 Pacific (15:00 Eastern, 20:00/19:00 UTC) at the day prior to release for the uploading of team pages. Why this time specifically?

This leads into the questions for both parties:

The 'Shroom currently usually releases when most of the world is already on the Sunday after release day. This is in part due to the fairly frequently late uploading of some team sections. Do you have (additional) plans or visions on attempting to release it earlier on the day, when a larger part of the world is still on Saturday?

For Issue 150, do you want to invite a selection of potential guest writers, or make it an open call as has happened more in more recent specials? I've noticed a trend of there being quite a bit less guest sections when the call is open, but can also imagine that inviting users may let others feel left out, even if they can still submit a section if they so wish. How do you want to handle this?

Last but not least: what is your ideal Killing Game murder plan?

Quote from: Raregold
I have a question for Pitohui in particular. You mention that the Directors will have all this information through the nature of their jobs. But my question for you is why wouldn't a member of the Core Staff be able to gather those details through simply interacting with other members or the staff or referencing the 'Shroom History documents curated by the Statistics Manager? Would they not have knowledge of all these things already by simply participating in say helping decide the 2019 release schedule through the staff meetings you wish to have?

I do see where you are coming from, but understand that part of our expectations for the one managing The ‘Shroom’s social media is having near real-time and wholly accurate information. While Staff Meetings and the schedule early in the year will, along with greater communication among the Staff, these may not reflect changes in the issues closer to release. It’s unavoidable that writers sometimes have to send sections in late, or a major event has to undergo changes and tweaks. To illustrate, imagine that some social media user who has taken fancy to a particular section asks about whether or not it will be present in the issue about to release. For the sake of illustration, we’ll say they want to know if News Flush is in the issue, it being good as an example but unlikely in practice since that section does not necessarily have a consistent writer. I should think that someone should be available and able to answer that question, since someone from outside the community is showing interest in The ‘Shroom. Someone in a unique position would have to go either to Fake News on the Staff Wiki, to MCD and inquire about the section, or to the the Writer History and Staff History or Track Records (which may not be reliable at that immediate moment, since there is usually a little latency with updates to those), or otherwise find a way to find out. Now, none of these are particularly difficult, but each one comes with additional work and opportunity for miscommunication. As the Director and Sub-Director review the issue thoroughly as part of their usual duties, they will already know if News Flush is in Fake News, and likely have an idea of who wrote it and what it's about. There are no extra steps in this process, reducing the opportunity for errors to arise and reducing stress overall. This illustration is specific to a particular question, but, with many things changing and the various piece of The ‘Shroom, I believe you can extend it to most cases.
What is the reason that the (sub-)director would have the information about the presence of a section (or anything else) readily available, but not other staff? I believe that considering the average moments of uploading sections to the staff wiki relative to the writers' deadline, the team director is the most likely to know whether a section is in, and that anyone (directors or other) would have to question them about it prior to that.

You may also want to work with the formatting and try to use headings to divide up the text and describe each show individually, as well as make comments on them. You can do that with the following tags:

(You can use lower numbers up to "h8" to make smaller headings)
Nitpick: headings don't go further than h6, and should typically start at h3 in 'Shroom sections.

Fan Creations / Re: Lakituthequick's occasional art
« on: December 24, 2018, 06:31:10 PM »
Ah, that probably explains why sometimes I'd get old hints instead of the one I was supposed to get, and sometimes in place of character unlock screens too (though I still unlock the character)
Ah, I think I know why that happens. Will try to get that fixed.

Fan Creations / Re: Lakituthequick's occasional art
« on: December 24, 2018, 12:23:10 PM »
Merry Smashmas! Or something.

This month's maze is based upon Master Hand! Here is the base figure:

Check out the maze I made him into right here!

Also in this issue is The Holiday 'Shroomfinity Scavenger organised by yours truly and featuring art by The Pyro Guy.

I'll be honest, I wasn't able to complete all elements in the album as I wanted to because I didn't have (or took) the time to do so. Originally you'd be able to view fighters and spirits individually, as well as re-view the hints. Also some fancy transitions between pages and splashes. Alas.
But I did experiment with a Javascript framework to make it, so I did learn a couple things in the process. Maybe I'll revisit the album in the near future, but now that the paper is out, the pressure is gone and I'll likely just celebrate Christmas and leave it as it is now.

Quote from: Wario
Wario and Mario have an on and off rivalry, mostly on

General Discussion / Re: Poll Talk
« on: December 17, 2018, 03:15:50 PM »
Four out of six are reasons why people wouldn't like it :P

None of the six are "I don't care about this" or "It's fine" though, which would be my options of choice.

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