Why aren't there enough live tournaments??

Why aren't there more game tournaments? I personally love them.

I have been to many tournaments for a variety of games and they are always exciting. Most had small prizes like a free controller and others gave cash prizes in the thousands of dollars. But even at the smaller scale tournaments I always found myself having a good time.

If there was a venue close to where you live that offered daily tournaments with cash prizes, how often would you go? For example: A 30min-2hr Mario tournament with a $10 entry, and the winner gets $100, or another tournament where you pay $25 and possibly win $300?

Does this idea interest anyone? I could see myself going there almost every day. Especially if it was in a comfortable environment and they had the games I liked.

What do you think? Would this be a place you would go? What things you expect to see in a place like this?

Thanks !

: )