The best movies of last decade


The Brave
What were your best movie experiences of last decade if you consider year 2010 as part of it?

Garlic Man

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I want to say The Matrix but that falls outside of the decade by a couple of years, unfortunately.

A list of the ones I personally liked:

Spider-Man 2
Ocean's 11
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
Toy Story 3
The Dark Knight
The Lord of The Rings (Trilogy)


The Cardinal is dead -- long live The Cardinal!
Inception maybe? I can't remember every movie but that one really stood out.

Garlic Man

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Wait a minute

most of you guys are like 12 years old, no wonder you've only seen recent movies. You were like 3 years old at the beginning of the decade. :mad:


Celestial Guide
I'm not going to name any of the ones that have been named so Bruce Almighty. Terribly underrated.

Garlic Man

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Bruce will always remain a classic.