Conduit 2

Bowser Koopa

Well, only a little over a month left. I didn't get the first one due to being short on cash lately. (plus, at the time I had already made some bad investments to begin with. Wasn't feeling lucky. The Conduit looked iffy, after all) Thinking of getting the second one because of the major improvements that it's made on the first Conduit's flaws. Anyone else going to pick it up come February?

It looks like a solid, albeit average shooter (I'm not all that into FPSs, so I wouldn't know for sure); Obviously good for a Wii shooter. What I like most is that the devs took criticism seriously, and actually listened to their fanbase extensively. They seem to be serious about this project of theirs.

By the by, does the headbanger headset come with a preorder? Or do we have to buy that separately?