Banjo-Threei (err, Banko-Kazooie 3) News

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
If you have checked the Rare website lately you will know about the latest news of Banjo-Threeie, or Banjo-Kazooie 3. Here we go:

1. There will be no voice-acting. The mumbling voices from Kazooie and Tooie will return.

2. Banjo's new look will remain like that-Rare has no plans of changing it back to the old look.

3. There is NO WAY rhat this game is going to turn into Banjo's Bad Backpack Day or something like that. The game will be kid-friendly. Not even blood will be in the game.

4. Spiral Mountain WILL make an appearance. Man, its appeared in every single game.

5. Jolly Roger WILL make an appearance (sounds like he might get a larger role).

And more importantly:

6. No artwork, screenshots or a gameplay video will be released until Rare feels like it.

That is all I can say for now.

Oh and before I forget-don't you feel sorry for Banjo? Right now, he's probably being forced to work on Halo 3 by the Microsoft people. Poor Banjo. Can you imagine him being yelled at "NO! MASTER CHIEF DOES NOT LIKE CANDY!" and then being punched in the face :(?
I'm not gonna get it because its for XBox 360. :(...

Ya know, it doesn't look exciting because...we haven't seen...real...screenshots....
Its a Banjo Kazzoie game. Of course its going to be exciting.

Anyone remember when in Banjo-Tooie when battling Lord Woo-fak fak blood was seen? I'm pretty sure blood will be seen in this game... D:
Well Rare confirmed blood wasn't gonna be in the game.

And I remember that blood. Made me think that the ESRB screwed up during the N64 days. Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda had blood and it was rated E. Banjo-Tooie had blood and it was E. What next? Resident Evil being E?